Swords & Shadows Kickstarter Preview

On July 1st, Dream Tower Media will launch the Kickstarter for Issue number 4 of Sexy Fantastic: Swords & Shadows! Heroic fantasy sword and sorcery tales of seductive swordsman and barbarian babes, articles, conversations, an audiodrama, music, and all the other great things you’ve come to expect from Sexy Fantastic magazine!


Below is a preview of some of the fantastic gifts you’ll receive in exchange for your support (plus our undying gratitude)!

Swords & Shadows Kickstarter Rewards

Secret Agents, Time Travelers and Other Dimensions (Issue 1)

Tribute to Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel by Jay Strongman
Susie’s Modern Manners Comic Strip, Episode 1
Aria Senxa photo spread
“Silver Star” music track by Seduction Revolution
“Martian Cocktail” story by Robert Zoltan (with audiodrama)
“Honey Bear” story by Faith Jones
“Exile” story by Paul L. Bates
“The Enormous Bedroom” story by Fritz Leiber
Conversation with author Charles Stross
Review of Passing for Human by Faith Jones
Review of Danger: Diabolik by Sergio Stefano
Cocktail feature

Goddesses, Nymphs, and Supervixens (Issue 2)

Battle of the 1960’s Sex Goddesses by Jay Strongman
Susie’s Modern Manners Comic Strip, Episode 2 by Faith Jones
Baylee Curran photo spread
“In the Red” music track by Seduction Revolution
“Luck Is for Suckers” story by Robert Zoltan (with audiodrama)
“The Passing of DonnaMaria” story by Drew Martyn
“The Spinning” story by Christopher K. Miller
“Sending Seelas Away” story by Theda Hudson
A Midsummer Night’s Dream with New Illustrations
Poetry by Eunsah Chan
Conversation with philosopher and author Damon Young
Review of The Myth of the Goddess (Anne Baring and Jules Cashford)
Review of Supervixens by Sergio Stefano
Cocktail feature

The Stars (Issue 3)

David Bowie’s Golden Age of Rocking Sci-Fi by Jay Strongman
Enuma Special Comic Book Preview
Star Girls Burlesque photo spread
“Rocketship” music track by Seduction Revolution
“Wandering Stars” story by Robert Zoltan (with audiodrama)
“The Stars Between Us” story by Julia Tilford
“Incidents At Café Les Etoiles” story by Drew Martyn
“The Stars In Her Mouth” story by Theda Hudson
Poetry by Eunsah Chan
Conversation with Courtney Cruz of Star Girls Burlesque
Review of Planet of the Vampires by Sergio Stefano
Cocktail feature

Swords and Shadows (Issue 4)

Four new fantastic tales of heroic sword and sorcery adventure
The first tale in a brand new sword and sorcery series by classic fantasy author Adrian Cole: The Burning Blade!
A new Rogues of Merth Audiobook Drama with full symphonic score, The Vale of Silent Dread
Captain Kronus: Vampire Hunter, a review by Ahn-Tarqa author Ryan Harvey
An essay on C. L. Moore and her creation, Jirel of Joiry, by Flame and Crimson author Brian Murphy
  A two-part candid audio conversation with award-winning author Brian Murphy: The History of Sword and Sorcery, and, The Future of Sword and Sorcery
  And much more!

Rogues of Merth: The Adventures of Dareon and Blue, Book 1

Thrilling Sword and Sorcery Adventure in the Golden Age Tradition!

“Zoltan’s Rogues of Merth reminds me of everything in my youth that caused me to fall in love with fantasy in the first place. Lovers of the genre, especially of the classic sword-and-sorcery sub-genre, are sure to enjoy this lively collection.” — TANGENT ONLINE MAGAZINE (Tara GrimRavn, Reviewer)

“…fans of classic pulp sword & sorcery adventures who are looking for new stories in the genre would be hard-pressed to find better reading.” — CIRSOVA MAGAZINE

“Colorful and Exciting. The more involved stories show an imaginative force and a real belief in the core of the characters’ motivations that compel the reader’s interest. Dareon and Blue are interesting and involving people to spend time with. There is plenty of room for additional intriguing adventures for this pair of characters, and I for one will be happy to see where their lives lead them.”

Turn Over the Moon: Saga of the Sorrowless, Book 1

From Award-Winning Author, Ryan Harvey…

In a world of prehistoric savagery where barbarism and dark science sorcery vie for power over decadent cities, a brave young orphaned woman, Belde, and her miniature pet dinosaur, Rint, may hold the key to freeing a world oppressed by a psychic burden called the Sorrow and saving humanity from ultimate self-destruction!

“Turn Over the Moon is a wonderful, moving thrill-ride with a first-rate young protagonist of grit and determination. Harvey is a writer to watch!” — Howard Andrew Jones, author of For the Killing of Kings

“A renegade orphan with her mini-dino companion on the run from evil forces in a rich and convincing world? Sign me up for more!” — E. E. Knight, author of the Dragoneer Academy


Flame and Crimson: A History of Sword-and-Sorcery

Winner of the the REH Foundation Atlantean Award,  Flame and Crimson: A History of Sword-and-Sorcery by Brian Murphy provides much-needed definitions and critical rigor to this misunderstood fantasy subgenre. It traces its origins in the likes of historical fiction, to its birth in the pages of Weird Tales, to its flowering in the Frank Frazetta-illustrated Lancer Conan Saga series in the 1960s. It covers its “barbarian bust” beneath a heap of second-rate pastiche, a pack of colorful and wildly entertaining and awful sword-and-sorcery films, and popular culture second life in the likes of Dungeons & Dragons and the bombast of heavy metal music.

Enuma, Issue 1: Depatriation

PREMIERE! The first mind-bending issue of a new comic series from Robert Zoltan! Join the mysterious sexy transhuman secret agent Enuma as she travels through time, space and other dimensions to restore the balance of female energy. Never before published. Available exclusively for a limited time only to Kickstarter supporters of Sexy Fantastic Issue 4! This issue is for mature audiences only.

Tomorrow Girl and Other Tales of Time Travel, Strange Dimensions and Alternate Realities

Seven Science Fiction Tales of Time Travel, Strange Dimensions, and Alternate Realities.

“From 1960’s Hollywood to worlds beyond imagination, secret agents traverse time, space, dimensions, and parallel universes to protect the human race, and inadvertently, fall in love. An electrifying collection with compelling characters!”— Jay Strongman, author of “Ritual of the Savage” and former writer for the London Sunday Times and Vogue


Betting On the Shadows: Contemporary and Weird Fantasy Tales of Transformation and Redemption

“Zoltan works these stories like the best card sharp, deftly serving up winning hand after winning hand. He isn’t placing empty bets, he’s all-in. Betting on the Shadows hits the jackpot.” — Steven Savile, award-winning and international bestselling author

Includes the stories Wandering Stars, Dross, Luck Is For Suckers, Final Approach, Oliver Bane, Women On The Verge of a Metaphysical Breakdown, The Last Recital, House of Strange Memories, and Swing City Seven. Fans of Harlan Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Fritz Leiber, The Twilight Zone, and the Outer Limits are sure to enjoy these fantastic suspenseful tales.

Wandering Stars received an Honorable Mention, and Swing City Seven was a semi-finalist in the Writers of the Future Award.


Swords and Shadows Cover Painting Black T-Shirt

Demons and dark sorcerers will tremble when they see you in your Swords and Shadows t-shirt! And people will realize you have great taste. Beautiful haunting art of a barbaric female warrior confronting an evil force of the deepest marshes. Wear it and feel connected to the fantastic worlds of the imagination. Uni-sex for male or female warriors!

Swords and Shadows Cover Painting 18″ x 24″ Art Print

This gorgeous cover painting for Swords and Shadows will not only give your pad a touch of class, it will be like looking through a window into another world of mystery, magic and adventure! And with an added signature by artist Zoltan, hey, it could be worth a treasure chest full of gold someday!

Sexy Fantastic Issue 1 T-Shirt, Unisex

The beautifully designed and illustrated cover for Sexy Fantastic, Issue 1, in T-shirt form! You’ll feel like Max Bliss or Stella Starr, a time and dimension traveling secret agent, when you wear this lovely apparel!

Sexy Fantastic Logo T-Shirt, Unisex

The sexy provocative Sexy Fantastic logo will make you look and feel, well…sexy and fantastic!

Sexy Fantastic Issue 1 T-Shirt, Women’s Crop Tee

Sexy, fantastic and…sexy!

Sexy Fantastic Logo T-Shirt, Women’s Crop Tee