Swords & Shadows

On July 1st, Dream Tower Media will launch the Kickstarter for Issue number 4 of Sexy Fantastic: Swords & Shadows! Heroic fantasy sword and sorcery tales of seductive swordsman and barbarian babes, articles, conversations, an audiodrama, music, and all the other great things you’ve come to expect from Sexy Fantastic magazine!

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4 quarterly issues for $19.96 will begin with the latest issue.
If you’re old-fashioned, you can send a check for $19.96 made out to Dream Tower Media to: P.O. Box 26051, Los Angeles, CA 90026 United States (please include your email address on the check, and email “contact (at) sexyfantasticmagazine.com” to let us know you have sent it so we can watch for it).


Goddesses, Nymphs, and Supervixens
(Issue 2)

Stars (Issue 3)

Swords and Shadows (Issue 4)

The Future is here...

And it's SEXY!