Swords & Shadows

The Swords & Shadows Kickstarter campaign is fully funded! We’ve made $1661 of our minimum $1000 goal. The campaign continues through July. So we’re announcing Stretch Goals to try and keep the magazine going beyond issue 4. If we reach $1800, we will commit to doing a Kickstarter for a fifth issue. And, we’ll add a bonus fiction piece to Issue 4!!

If we don’t reach $1800, it is likely that Issue 4 will be the last issue of the magazine. So if you want this magazine to continue, now is the time to act.

Our second Stretch Goal is $2500. If we reach that, we will commit to doing Issue 5, no matter what happens with further fundraising!

Lastly, all backers of the Swords & Shadows Kickstarter who opt in will be included on a special page of Issue 4 as our Kickstarter Heroes!

Now please go pledge if you haven’t and get some amazing gift rewards! If you’ve already pledged, we thank you so much and ask you to please share the campaign with your friends.

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Swords and Shadows (Issue 4)

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