Swords & Shadows


Fantasy Literature: An Escape to Reality by Robert Zoltan
Jirel of Joiry: Catherine L. Moore’s First Woman of Sword and
   Sorcery by Brian Murphy
A Look Behind the Swords & Shadows Cover
Musical Soundtrack Excerpts from The Vale of Silent Dread
   Audiobook Drama
“The Vale of Silent Dread” story by Robert Zoltan
“The Burning Blade” story by Adrian Cole
“A Babe in the Woods” story by Cliff Hamrick
“I’m Sorry, My Lord, My Love” story by Leanne Howard
“Daughter of the Wind” story by Robert Zoltan
“The History of Sword and Sorcery” & “The Future of Sword and
   Sorcery” A Special Two-Part Conversation with Award-Winning
   Author Brian Murphy
Film review, Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, Gothic Sword and
   Sorcery by Ryan Harvey
Book Date: Robert E. Howard and Freya Stark

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