About Sexy Fantastic

Sexy Fantastic is currently focused on publishing comics, starting with Space Happy: The Adventures of Jumper Jones and Bob 47.

Sexy Fantastic magazine, the digital Art, Literature and Culture magazine for adults, emphasizing the genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy, is no longer publishing new issues, but is still available. The magazine presents fiction stories, non-fiction articles on books, movies and culture, conversations, art, photography and other features.

This is a sex positive magazine, pro-feminine magazine. The primary emphasis is on quality, regardless of sexual content. Contributors who wish to create work that is not censored by the mainstream publishing industry will find Sexy Fantastic to be a new market for them. Readers who are looking for tasteful, superb, uncensored mainstream entertainment for mature adults will enjoy this magazine.

Sexy Fantastic is a less violent magazine than many mainstream science fiction and fantasy books and magazines. We frown on gratuitous violence or gore and it will not find its way into this magazine. Sexy Fantastic also is not interested in nihilistic or despairing works, but seeks to publish creative works that amuse, inspire, move, spark imagination, challenge, provoke thought, and entertain.

Our main mission is to create and publish the absolutely highest quality of creative work possible every issue. Our goals are to bring a little bit of joy, meaning and happiness into people’s lives, and to create a more healthy culture regarding attitudes about sex and the feminine.

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Fantastic Fiction

Scifi, fantasy, surrealism and more by some of the best writers in the field.

Amazing Art

Visual works of the imagination by the most talented artists.

Insightful Articles

Thoughtful discussions of fascinating topics by brilliant writers and thinkers.

Cultural Delights

Sexy cosplay pinups, seductive photography, delectable cocktail recipes, and more.