Goddesses, Nymphs and Supervixens


Battle of the 1960’s Sex Goddesses by Jay Strongman
Susie’s Modern Manners Comic Strip, Episode 2 by Faith Jones
Baylee Curran photo spread
“In the Red” music track by Seduction Revolution
“Luck Is for Suckers” story by Robert Zoltan (with audiodrama)
“The Passing of DonnaMaria” story by Drew Martyn
“The Spinning” story by Christopher K. Miller
“Sending Seelas Away” story by Theda Hudson
A Midsummer Night’s Dream with New Illustrations
Poetry by Eunsah Chan
Conversation with philosopher and author Damon Young
Review of The Myth of the Goddess (Anne Baring and Jules Cashford)
Review of Supervixens by Sergio Stefano
Cocktail feature

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